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Taimen fishing in Krasnoyarsk Region





Taimen fishing is one of the most exciting and prestigious fishings. Taimen is accepted to salmon family which always lives in the inner fresh waters in comparison with the other salmons coming to fresh waters only for spawning.

Now days taimen is a rare fish and can be found only in wild rivers unavailable for most of people. The rivers cannot be explored by the motor boats because of the rapids. Mainly these rivers can be reached only by helicopter which makes the tour very expensive. We propose a very good option alternative to the helicopter – the “boats on the air pillow” or hovercraft. This craft makes most of the rivers accessible for anglers.

You are offered to fish taimen in the tributaries of midstream of great Yenisey river. The rivers’ width there is normally 50-200 meters. The course is quick; there are a lot of rifts on the rivers – the most favorite places for taimen. Headwaters are in the mountains and this make it more powerful filling it by clear waters and making it bigger. Rivers in this region was not affected by a serious fishing pressure during last few years by local people and sportsmen, so there is still good population of taimen. The landscape along rivers normally is very picturesque and wild.This fishing tour is operated based on few base camps. There are big comfortable permanent tents with camping beds, wooden floor and stoves with a professional cooker.

For transportation anglers from the camps to the best fishing places we use there “HIVUS”  hovercraft, that allow to travel up and down the river through all the rapids and rocks. Up to 6 anglers can travel comfortably on every hovercraft.

There is no need in helicopter transportation to reach the fishing area, which makes this fishing adventure much cheaper than many others best quality taimen fishing trips you can ever find. All the camps are accessible either by motor boat or hovercraft.

During the fishing you will be accompanied by local guide. The fishing is carried out during the rafting or during the stop from the banks. The most useful method – spinning but some anglers can try fly-fishing as well. Taimen fishing is carried out according to “catch and release” principle. The other fish cought by you can be cooked for a dinner.

Fishing season in this region take place the period from the end of June till the middle of September. During this time the average night temperature is +5 - +15 and day one is +15 - +20.

THE COST OF THE FISHING PER ONE ANGLER: € 1 900, per angler for a group of 6 anglers, including the following:

- all arrangements and  working with the logistic  and


- trip’s preparation and agreement with the local


- tickets reservation according to the itinerary;

- meeting and assistance at Krasnoyarsk airport;

- English speaking interpreter service during all trip:

- fishing’s preparation and carrying out (5 full days);

- use of 1 hovercraft during the fishing trip for the


- accommodation in fishing camp (6 nights);

- meals, cook service;

- guiding service during the fishing;

- fishing license;

- unlimited fishing catching on “catch and release”


Tour duration: 10 days (Moscow/Moscow), 9 days in Krasnoyarsk region, 5 full days of fishing.

Fishing area: midstream of Yenisey river.

Fishing season: June 20th – September 15th.

Accomodation: during the fishing in warm comfortable tents.

Itinerary: commercial flights from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk (4,5 hours)  and then from Krasnoyarsk to Bor(2 hours). Then by motor boat and hovercraft to the fishing area (8-12 hours).

Group: 6 or 12 anglers.

Additional payments:

Booking fee per one angler                                  - € 220

Hotel in Krasnoyarsk and Bor                 - actual expenses

Motorboat transfer airport – fishing camp and back - € 1 000

for a group  

Air tickets Moscow - Krasnoyarsk – Moscow        - from € 300

Air ticket Krasnoyarsk – village and back          -  from € 300


Alcohol or special food requirements                - on demand

Tops and other personal expenses                  - actual


1 day               - evening airflight from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk.

2 day               - arrival to Krasnoyarsk, sightseeing in the city, overnight in a hotel

3 day               - air flight from Krasnoyarsk to Bor, transfer to the fishing area.

4-8 day            - fishing.

9 day               - transfer to Bor, overnight in a hotel.

10 day             - then airflight to Krasnoyarsk, connection and air flight to Moscow.



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