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Taimen fishing in Mongolia



Taimen fishing is one of the most exciting and prestigious fishings. Taimen is accepted to salmon bloodline which allways live in the inner waters in comparison with the other salmons which come to the inner waters or rivers only for spawning. The fishing is carried out on the river flowing through the picturesque mountain taiga surroundings. The way of fishing is during the rafting with stops for a night in any suitable place. The group is delivered by means of jeeps (10-12 hours) or helicopter to the head river, then rafting to the certain place where the group will be taken by jeeps or helicopter. The most suitable time for taimen fishing this time is the end of September. The air temperature changes: 0 -5 C during the night and +15 +25 C during the day. It's better to have warm waterproof clothes in case of rain.

Taimen in these rivers can be of 40 kg weight. Taimen fishing is carried out by means of spinning or fly rod. During the rafting a group is accompanied by professional guides, a frontier guard (as the fishing is close to the frontier) and a cook. Meals three times a day are organized. The anglers are supplied by inflatable rafts for rafting. At the same time the other fishing is made. Taimen fishing is carried out on the principle "catch and release". The other fish cought by you can be cooked according to you wishes.

THE COST OF THE TRIP: on demand, including
  • preparation and working out the fishing area and itinerary;
  • trip preparation and agreement with the local facility;
  • tickets reservation on itinerary;
  • airtickets Ulan-Bator - Moron - Ulan-Bator;
  • meeting, assistance at Ulan-Bator and Moron;
  • transportation on itinerary;
  • horses for luggage transportation and transfer to the helicopter;
  • overnight at the camp on the way of rafting start;
  • accommodation in tents (1 for 2);
  • all meals, cook's service on itinerary;
  • fishing tour organization and carrying out (5 days);
  • guiding service during the fishing;
  • frontier gaurd convoy on itinerary;
  • rafts assignment for rafting;
  • permission for frontier zone attendance;
  • crock-jackets;
  • fishing license.

Trip duration: 10 days (6 days of fishing) (variable on demand).
Fishing area: Mongolia, Chuluut, Shishiget and other rivers.
Fishing dates: September - October.
Accommodation: in tents during the rafting.
Transfer: airflight to Ulan-Bator, charter to Moron, then 11-13 hours by jeeps or helicopter Mi-8 to the place of rafting beginning.
Group: 8 anglers + "Safari & Expeditions" representative.

Additional payments:
  • Booking fee
  • Visa to Mongolia
  • International medical insurance
  • Hotel in Ulan-Bator                          
  • Airticket Moscow-Ulan-Bator-Moscow 
  • "Safari & Expeditions" representative   
  • Helicopter rent Мi-8 (group per hour)     
  • Other additional expense                    


1 day     - evening airflight from Moscow to Ulan-Bator.
2 day     - arrival to Ulan-Bator, meeting at the airport, flight to Moron, Then by jeeps to the beginning of rafting. (overnight at the fishermen's base, execution of permition to the frontier zone.
3 day     - breakfast, the way to the rafting beginning (about 2-3 hours). Rafting's beginning. The quides, a cook and horses wait there.
4- 8 day - rafting with fishing. The anglers are divided into goups 3-4 in every raft. A cook, frontier guard, staff with all the luggage escorts the group on the bank.
9 day    - breakfast, horse trip to the cars (4-5 km), loading, transfer to Moron, flight to Ulan-Bator, accommodation in hotel.
10 day  - breakfast, luggage packing, transfer to the airport, airflight to Moscow.

Tour reservation and payment - on demand.


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