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Altai, Hangai and Gobi Argali hunt in Mongolia


Hunting in the mountain, desert and forest regions of Mongolia is without any doubt one of the most exotic trips that is possible to imagine. Beautiful severe nature, very interesting country, excellent trophies which are come-at-able only for some hunters. 

You will visit really wild and hard-to-reach hunting areas of Mongolia. According to your wishes we offer you the trip during that you are able to hunt in some areas of Mongolia.

The most honourable trophy among mountain hunters is without any doubt the Altai Argali. This is the biggest, according to the size and weight (200 kg and more) wild sheep with the most massive horns in the world. The main population lives in Altai in the west of Mongolia. The terrain is difficult enough and is characterized by the big difference of altitudes. The animal seeking is carried out by horses or on foot. Nevertheless in case of hunter's good shape and well-directed shooting the probability to get a good trophy during the 12 days hunt is very high. In the same areas you are able to hunt Siberian Ibex but this animal lives in the rapid rocks areas.

Gobi Argali is hunted in the mountain areas of Gobi desert, in the south and south-west regions of Mongolia. These areas are extremely interesting. The hunt here is easier than in West Altai because the terrain is more moderate.  But this factor makes the coming to the game more complicated and shooting distance  is usually 250-300 meters. The game seeking is mostly by jeeps or by feet. The possibility to get a good argali trophy during the 10 days hunt is very high. You are able to go to Gobi Altai and hunt Gobi Ibex if you wish. Here also you can hunt black-tail or white-tail gaselle and wolf.

SCI international system also marks Hangai Argali which size is usually characterized by the intermidiate one between Altai and Gobi Argali. This sheep can be hunted in Hangai Altai located in the central part of Mongolia.

Argali hunting season in Mongolia is from July to December but the best time is from the end of September to October. This time the sheep become careful before the foiling period that makes the seeking and coming to the animal easier. Besides the weather conditions this time are more comfortable. The temperature is +5-15С during the day and ther are frosts in the night. Accommodation is organized in nomads tents with stoves. Temporal tent camp can be arranged if needed. There are hot meals in the camp but during the hunting  hunter is usually provided with bag lunch.

In addition to above white-tail gazelle, wolf, siberian roe deer, bear, wild boar and feather-game hunt and excellent fishing (taimen, grayling, pike, perch and etc.) can be organized.


Altai argali and siberian ibex (14 days) per one hunter - on demand;
Hangai argali and siberian ibex (12 days) per one hunter - on demand;
argali and gobi ibex (12 days) per one hunter - on demand, including

  • tour preparation and agreement  with a hunting facility;
  • air tickets and itinerary reservation;
  • invitation and documents for Visa;
  • airportservice on arrival/depart in Ulan-Bator;
  • overnight in Ulan-Bator at «Khan Palace» hotel;
  • all transfers during the hunt;
  • meals and drinks during the hunt;
  • accommodation in tent camps and nomads tents;
  • service on the hunt (on the 1х1 base), including guide, car and horses;
  • 1 Argali trophy;
  • 1 Ibex trophy;
  • licenses for all the trophies;
  • all government fees;
  • field trophy preparation;
  • all export documents including CITES.

Tour duration: 14/16 days (Moscow/Moscow), 10/12 days of hunting.
Hunting season:
July - December.
Hunting area:
Mongolia - Westen Altai, Hangai Altai and Gobi desert.
: nomads tents.
: international airflight to Ulan-Bator,  then 8-15 by car or by local plane.
1-3 hunters, 1-3 non hunters. 

 Additional payments: Additional trophies:
  • Booking fee 
  • Visa to Mongolia
  • International medical insurance
  • Gun import/export permit
  • Airfare Moscow - Ulan-Bator - Moscow
  • Second Altai Ibex
  • Second Gobi Ibex
  • Ibex trophy more than 45"
  • Black-tailed gazelle
  • White-tailed gazelle
  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Lynx
  • Roe deer


1 day             - airflight from Moscow to Ulan-Bator.
2 day             - arrival to Ulan-Bator, airport procedures, airflight to the closest airport of the hunting area, car transfer to the hunting area (3-8 hours).
3-12/14 days - Argali and additional trophies hunting.
13/15 days    - car transfer to the local airport, airflight to Ulan-Bator, overnight at  «Khan Palace» hotel.
14/16 days    - airflight to Moscow.

Hunt reservation and payment - on demand.


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