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Kamchatka brown bear hunt




    The Kamchatka peninsula is the place where huge bears of 500 kg weight and 3 meters length live. The population is very high. There is no other place in the world where you can find so many bears.

    There are two seasons to hunt bears in Kamchatka – spring and fall. The spring season lasts from last week of April to the mid of May. At this time bears come out from winter dens and quest for food. Hunting is normally carried out with the use of snowmobiles which let the hunter to cover long distances looking for a good bear. This is the best time for hunters who dream of really big trophies of Kamchatka Brown Bear.

    At the end of summer and in autumn bears concentrate near the rivers, where salmon comes for spawning, or by places rich by berries. The animal’s seeking is provided by motor boats or on foot. When the suitable bear is found a hunter accompanied by a guide nears the animal for making a good shot.

    The hunting camp usually consists of log huts or tents with heaters. In the camp you will be met by professional guides, cook and staff. Fall hunt can be combined with a Kamchatka snow sheep.

THE COST OF THE TRIP: € 6 950  ($ 7 900)  on the basis 1х1, (for 1 hunter, group of 2-3 hunters), including:

- selection of a hunting area;

- preparation of the tour and correlation of the

  program with a hunting entity;  ;

- airtickets  and itinerary reservation;

- helicopter reservation;

- meet and greet on arrival and departure,

  assistance at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky


- transfer from P-K  and back;

- full board and accommodation in the hunting


- full sevice during the hunt (8 days);

- guiding service on the 1х1 basis;

- boats and other equipment;

- 1 trophy of bear (any size);

- all the documents for the  hunt (licenses and


- fishing;

  - field preparation of the trophies;

  - trophy export  documents.      

The cost for an observer, including accommodation and meals: € 2 500

Tour duration: 13 days (Moscow/Moscow), 8 days of hunting.

Hunting season: April 25th –May 15th   and August 25th – October 15th.

Hunting area: Kamchatka, Karaginsk, Bystrynsk and other regions.

Accommodation: in log huts and tents.

Transportation: airflight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (9 hours), then a 2 hours flight to Ossora or 8-10 hours by charter bus  to the Esso or another village, probably 30 – 60 minutes by helicopter.

Group: 1-3 hunters, 0-3 observers.


Additional payments:

Booking fee for 1 hunter                   - € 370

Booking fee for 1 non-hunter             - € 270

Airfare Moscow-P-K-Moscow      - on demand

Helicopter transfer                      - €2500\h

Hotel in Moscow                        - 80-120

CITES for Bear                                - € 250

International Certificate                   - € 110

Gun permit                                     - € 390

Hotel, meals in P-K                  - on demand

Second bear                -  € 1 700 ($ 1 900)

Wounded and lost animal is considered taken.



1 day                      - evening airflight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

2 day                      - morning arrival to Petropavlovsk (time lag - 9 hours).

                                 Checking into the hotel. Overnight.

3 day                      - regular flight to Ossora by a AN24, or bus transfer to Esso,  Anavgai or  another village, all

                                 terrain vehicle transfer to the  hunting area or by boat. Some regions require a helicopter transfer.  

4-11 day                 - Kamchatka bear hunting.

12 day                    - departure from the camp to the village, transfer to Petropavlovsk, overnight in the hotel.

            13 day                    - transfer to the airport, airflight to Moscow, arrival – the same day.




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