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Kamchatka snow sheep hunt




Six of snow sheep sub-species currently inhabit Russian territory: Koriak, Kolyma, Yakutian, Okhotsk, Putorana and  Kamchatka.

          Kamchatka bighorn is supposed to be  the biggest of snow sheep, it is dark colored and has largest body size, longest horn length as well as the most massive horns. It inhabits in the high steep rocky areas and heavily rugged slopes of  the peninsula.  During hunting season rams usually live alone or in a small group of 2 - 4 males. Average altitude is about 1000 – 2 000 meter above the sea (3,000 – 6,000 ft). The daily temperature during the hunting season:          +10 - +20 C (+50 - +70 F), but the weather there changes very often here, sunny day can became wet and moody just in few minutes so you have to take a best available hunting equipment.

          Hunting can be provided by foot or with horses and often it is necessary to hunt from a fly-camp. Tents, sleeping bags, food and all necessary equipment for your stay in the camp are delivered in advance. The daily hiking can be over 10-15 kilometers and you should also be able to shoot for 250-300 meters.

          There are experienced guides, an interpreter, a cook, skilled staff in the camp.        When your ram is harvested you can try to shoot a famous Kamchatka brown bear almost in the same hunting area or  enjoy fantastic fishing for a different species of salmon and trout, swim in natural hot springs, visit Kamchatka volcanoes and Valley of  Geysers, enjoy traditional Russian cuisine with the red caviar, Kamchatka crabs and smoked salmon. On the same hunt you have opportunity to hunt Kamchatka Broun Bear.

           THE COST OF THE TRIP: € 6 950  ($ 7 900)  on the basis 1х1, (for 1 hunter, group of 2 hunters), including:

- selection of a hunting area;

- preparation of the tour and correlation of the program

 with a hunting entity;  ;

- airtickets  and itinerary reservation;

- helicopter reservation;

- meet and greet on arrival and departure, assistance at the

 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport;

- transfer from P-K  and back;

- full board and accommodation in the hunting lodge

- full sevice during the hunt (8 days);

- guiding service on the 1х1 basis;

- boats and other equipment;

- 1 trophy of snow sheep (any size);

- all the documents for the  hunt (licenses and permission);

- fishing;

  - field preparation of the trophies;

  - trophy export  documents.      


The cost for an observer, including accommodation and meals: € 2 500

Tour duration: 13 days (Moscow/Moscow), 8 days of hunting.

Hunting season: August 15 th – September 20th.

Hunting area: Kamchatka, Bystrynsk, Ust-Kamchatsk and other regions.

Accommodation: tented camp.

Transportation: airflight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (9 hours), then 8-10 hours by car to the Esso or Ust-Kamchatsk village and 20-40  minutes by helicopter to the hunting camp.

Group: 1-2 hunters, 0-2 observers.

Additional payments:

Booking fee for 1 hunter                          - € 370

Booking fee for 1 non-hunter                   - € 270

Airfare Moscow-P-K-Moscow           - on demand

Hotel in Moscow                               - 80-120

Helicopter transfer  per hunter  -$2 000 – 4 000

(depend on area )

CITES for a sheep                              - € 250

International Certificate                      - € 110

Gun permit                                        - € 390

Hotel, meals in P-K                        - on demand

Second ram trophy        -  € 2 650 ($ 3 000)

Wounded and lost animal is considered taken.


1 day                        - evening airflight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

2 day                      - morning arrival to Petropavlovsk (time lag - 9 hours).

                                 mini-bus transfer to Esso or Ust-Kamchatsk,  overnight in a guest house.

3 day                      - helicopter transfer to the hunting area, the beginning of the hunt.   

4-11 day                 - Kamchatka snow sheep hunting.

12 day                    - departure from the camp to the village, transfer to Petropavlovsk, overnight in the hotel.

            13 day                    - transfer to the airport, airflight to Moscow, arrival – the same day.



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