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Lynx hunt



Lynx hunt is a popular and high-sporting russian hunt that is carried out by "spot and stalk" technique only 1-1,5 months in a year, from the first dates of Nouvember to the middle of December, till the snow becomes deeper. When there are a lot of snow and the last is solid it becomes easier for dogs to pursue the lynx. The dogs force the lynx to climb a tree and a hunter is able to make a good shot. For getting a good lynx trophy 7 days are required. During this time the guides will examine most of the lynx's places of living in order to find fresh traces. If the lynx has been already found the hunter can come for the shorter period of time for hunting. All the moves in the forest are done by snowmobile, by feet or with the help of ski.

THE COST OF THE HUNT: on demand, including
  • selection of a hunting area;
  • tour preparation and agreement with a hunting  facility;   
  • railway tickets and itinerary reservation;
  • meeting, assistance at Kirov railway station;
  • hunt carrying out and organization (7 days);
  • hunting lodge accommodation (7 days);
  • meals  in the hunting area;
  • all the services during the hunt;
  • transportation in the hunting area;
  • guiding service (1guide for 1 hunter);
  • 1 lynx trophy (any size);
  • all the documents for hunting (license, permission);
  • field trophy preparation;
  • trophy export documents registration.















Tour duration:  9 days (Moscow/Moscow), 7 days of hunting.

Hunting area: Kirov region.
Hunting season:
end of November - end of December.
 in a village house, toilet room outside. There is a russian bath.
railway trip to Kirov (11-12 hours.),  then auto transfer 250 km.
1-2 hunters, 1-2 non-hunters.

 Additional payments: 
  • Booking fee
  • International medical insurance
  • Additional hunting day                                   
  • Gun rent                                       
  • Railway tickets                                                     
  • Transfer to/back hunting facility                         
  • Lynx second trophy
  • Other animals and birds (depends on the hunting area:
    bear, moose, wolf, fox, hare, capercailye, hazel grouse)
  • Shooting refusal or miss                                    
  • Wounded animal                                              



1 day       - leaving Moscow with an evening train, night trip.
2 day       -  meeting at the railway station in the morning, transfer to the hunting area, accommodation.
3-7 days  - lynx hunting.
8 day       - hunting in the morning, transfer to the railway station, night train to Moscow.
9 day       - arrival to Moscow in the morning.

 It's better to have 1-3 days in stock in case of bad weather ( snowstorm, snowfall, low temperature).

Hunt reservation and payment - on demand.


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