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Maral hunt in Tuva



You are offered one of the most beautiful russian hunts - maral roar hunting. This is a real sporting russian hunt in the north-easten part of Tuva in Yenisei head river. The hunt is carried out during the foiling period when the males roar, calling the rivals to fight for females. This is the reason why this usually retired animal finds itself out. The experienced hunter is able to beckon an animal for a good shot.

Usually the most intensive roar is in the end of September but this fact depends on the weather. Often (after a warming) the roar moves in time, can become faded or disapear. That's why it will be better to have some time in stock. It's better to plan this hunt for 10-12 days, then the chances to get a good trophy will be very good. The optimal pax for a group is 1-2 hunters, that's why 3-4 hunters devide into 2 groups and try their luck on the neighboring territories. Accomodation in the hunting area is provided in hunting cabins of 3x4 average size, there is also russian bath and summer kitchens. The driving access to the camps is provided by off-road cars, motor boats and helicopter (about 4 people). The access to the the places of hunting is provided by motor boats and horses. Local conditions allow to combine the hunting and grayling, taimen fishing during the trip.

When maral trophy has been taken it is possible to hunt siberian roe deer or to organize the bear spot and stalk hunting.

Wonderful autumn nature, alpine landscape, foiling maral in the dawn, complicated coming and difficult shot - all of this will be an unforgettable memory for the whole lifetime!

 THE COST OF THE HUNT on demand, including
  • tour preparation and agreement with a hunting facility;   
  • airfare and itinerary reservation;
  • meeting, assistance at Kyzyl airport;        
  • hunt organization and carrying out;
  • all meals in the hunting area;
  • guiding service (1 guide for 1 hunter);
  • horses (if required);
  • all the documents for hunting (license, hunting  permission);
  • 1 maral trophy (any size);
  • field trophy preparation;
  • trophy export documents registration. 











Tour duration: 13 days (Moscow/Moscow), 8 full days of hunting.
Hunting season: September 15th - October 10th .
Hunting area:
Tuva, Maliy Yenisei head river.
hunting cabins.
Group: 2-4 hunters.

Additional payments:
  • Booking fee                                          
  • Airfare Moscow - Kyzyl - Moscow                                  
  • Hotel in Kyzyl
  • International medical insurance
  • International Veterinary Certificate
  • Gun import/export permit
  • Excursions
  • Bear trophy                                                                
  • Roe deer trophy                                                  
  • Transfer to/back hunting area 


1 day        - evening airflight from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk 23:35, arrival at 08:15.
2 day        - flight to Kyzyl at 18:40, arrival at 20:10, accommodation in hotel.
3 day       
- transfer to the hunting camp, accomodation.(transfer duration  9-11 hours).
4-11days  - maral hunting, fishing and resting are possible.
12 day      - in the morning transfer to the airport and flight to Kyzyl.
13 day
      - airflight from Kyzyl to Moscow.

Hunt reservation and payment - on demand.


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