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Marco Polo hunt in Tadjikistan


Hunt is conducted in the Pamir mountains (Tadjikistan) at a height of 3,500-4,500 m (10,500-13,500 ft) a.s.l.  Qualified service, high density of sheep population as well as experienced guides allow difference in age and health conditions of hunters though physical well-being is preferable. There are guides, a cook and helpers in the camp.

Air temperature during the hunting season:

August – September  +10°+20°C (+50°F + 80°F)

October – November  -15°- 0°C (+5°F + 30°F)

December  -25°C - 10°C (-15°F + 15°F)

Late in October – November snow brings sheep lower for rut and food. Sometimes it is possible to see 50-500 sheep per day during this period. Method of hunt is as the following: early in the morning a hunter with a guide and a driver leaves basic camp in-vehicle. On the way they make stops and the guide using binoculars thoroughly checks over mountain pasture lands. When they see a group of sheep they use big spotting scope to find a significant ram in the group. From far distance professional guide can tell how big the ram is. When the good trophy is found the guide is looking for the best way to approach the ram taking into consideration many factors, including physical well-being of the hunter. You have to be prepared for the shot of up to 300-400 yard.

From Osh city (Kyrgyzstan) you will be taken to the camp (about 8-10 hours drive). This way of transportation is much more preferable as the weather is changing quite often in the Pamir Mountains to use the helicopter for transfer and what is more important – gradual adaptation to the mountains allows your body to get used to the high altitude quick and easily.

Trophy size varies from 120 cm to 158 cm (47 in.-62 in.). The largest trophy in this area was 68". When you finish hunting Marco Polo sheep you can continue hunting for Mid-Asian ibex. There are a lot of wolves in the area. They are known for their big bodies and thick hides with light fur.


THE COST OF THE HUNT (1-3 hunters in a group):   29 200 / 33 000 USD per one hunter, including:

-   selection of a hunting area;

-   preparation of the tour and correlation of the program with a hunting entity;   

-   airline reservation;

-   meet and greet on arrival and departure, assistance at Bishkek airport;

-   transfer in Bishkek from the airport to the hotel and back;

-   transfer from the hotel to the hunting camp and back:

-   guides, cook and helpers in the camp ;

-   full board and accommodation in the hunting lodge  (9 days);

-   guiding service (1guide for 1 hunter);

-   use of a hunting vehicle;

-   interpreter;

-   all the documents for the  hunt (licenses, permissions);

-   1 trophy of Marco Polo (any size);

-    field preparation of  trophies;

-   trophy export documents.      

The cost for an observer:   2 200  /  2 500 USD


Tour duration: 13 days (Bishkek/Bishkek), 10 hunting days.

Hunting season: August – December, January – March (November is the best period).

Hunting area: Tadkikistan Pamir mountains, Badahshan, Balankiik and other areas.

Accomodation: Hunting houses with stoves, sauna.

Transportation: airflight from Moscow to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), then 1,5 hour flight from Bishkek to Osh  and 8-10 hour drive to one of the hunting camps  (depending on the area).

Group: 1-4 hunters.

Additional payments:

Booking fee for 1 hunter                                   - 250€

International medical insurance                          - 180€

Visa and gun import to Kyrgyzstan               on demand

Visa and gun import to Tajikistan                 on demand

International Veterinary Certificate              on demand

CITES permit for the trophies                      on demand

Hotels                                           - on demand

Airfare                                           - on demand

The cost of additional trophies

2nd trophy Marko Polo:                    - on demand

Ibex                                             - € 3500 / 4 000 USD

Wolf                                             - on demand


1 day

- airflight from Moscow to Bishkek, arrival, airport procedures, flight to Osh, transfer to

   the camp.

2-11 day

- Marco Polo argali hunting.

12 day

- transfer from the camp to Osh (normally at night), overnight in a hotel.

13 day

- flight to Bishkek,  flight to Moscow. 


Hunting reservation and payment:

To reserve the hunting tour - 100% of the hunt’s cost and booking fee must be paid. Shot trophies are to be paid when the hunt is finished. In case of cancellation the deposits are non-refundable unless a replace is found. The cost of airflights is being returned according to the aircompany rules.



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