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Moose hunt in Magadan region

In this program we offer you to hunt moose in the Magadan Region. Basic moose population with outstanding trophy qualities inhabits the basins of the Kolyma and Omolon rivers. But the intense interest of hunters from all over the world to this animal makes it even now difficult to find a really nice trophy. The hunt requires at least 8-10 days but it’s better to have cushion of time “for the weather”. The hunt is carried out by boat or on foot with stalking. From the base camp the hunters accompanied by experienced guides make the trips round the camp along the tributaries that join the river.

            In September-October the temperature can vary from +10°С during daytime to -10°С at night, so the hunter will need windproof clothes and waterproof boots of high quality. The hunting area is wide open spaces. It is possible not to meet a single person throughout 100 km.

    Accomodation is organized in a tent camp with heaters.


THE COST OF THE HUNT:  €14 400 / 16 400 USD per hunter, including

-   selection of a hunting area;

-   preparation of the tour and correlation of the program with a hunting entity;   

-   airline reservation;

-   meet and greet on arrival and departure, assistance at Ulan-Ude airport;

-    transfer Magadan-hunting area -Magadan;

-   Charter plane for the base camp and back;

-   horses and boats (when required);

-   full board and accommodation in the hunting lodge  (9 days);

 - helicopter reservation;

-   organization and carrying out of the hunting tour (12 days);

-    guiding service (1guide for 1 hunter);

-   all the documents for the  hunt (licenses, permissions);

-   1 trophy of Moose;

-    field preparation of  trophies;

-   trophy export documents.      

Tour duration: 14 days (Moscow/Moscow), 10 days of hunting.

Hunting area: Magadan Region.

Hunting season: September.

Accommodation: tents with heaters.

Transportation: air flight to Magadan, transfer to Seimchan (12-14 hours drive), then by charter plane to the hunting area.

Group: 2-8 hunters.


Additional payments:

Booking fee for a hunter                        - 250€

Booking fee for a non-hunter                  - 180€

Airfare                                             - on demand

Hotel, meals out of the hunting area     - on demand

Extra trophies:

Extra moose trophy          -  6 000 € / 6 850 USD

Bear                              -  3 500 € / 3 950 USD

Caribou                          - 2 500 € / 2 850 USD



1 day             - airflight from Moscow to Magadan.

2 day              - arrival to Magadan, transfer to Seimchan or another village, then by charter plane to the hunting area.

3-12 day        - moose hunting.

13 day           - charter plane transfer to Seimchan village, transfer by vehicle to Magadan, overnight in the hotel.

14 day           - transfer to the airport, departure from Magadan to Moscow.


Hunting reservation and payment:

To reserve the hunting tour - 50% of the hunt’s cost and booking fee must be paid. Shot trophies are to be paid when the hunt is finished. In case of cancellation the deposits are non-refundable unless a replace is found. The cost of airflights is being returned according to the aircompany rules.



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