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Moose rut hunt


Moose is the biggest hoofed animal in the central part of Russia. Some animals can weigh about 500 kg. The most common way of moose trophy hunting is rut hunting that is arried out in September. The places where the mooses foil usualy don't change and are well known by guides. During the foiling period a moose furiously breaks young trees and without a bit of scare walks cracking in brushwoods with muted groaning, melting to the decent roar.  The hunt is carried out in the morning and in the evening and sometimes, if required, during the night. The way of hunting is the following: a hunter accompanied by an experienced guide, who is able to imitate the moose's roar, come to the places of animal's supposed appearance and imitating the moose's roar go through the hunting area. This hunt, exciting for a hunter by its unusual atmosphere, promising furious animal meeting, that is dreadful and dangerous, is without any doubt very sporting and unforgetable.

The moose rut hunting can be combined with the bear "on oats" hunting, wild boar hunting "on bait" from the high sit and also a feather game hunitng.

 THE COST OF THE HUNT: on demand, including 
  • selection of a hunting area;
  • tour preparation and agreement with a hunting facility;
  • hunt organization and carrying out (5 days);
  • accommodation in the hunting area (5 nights);
  • meals in the hunting area (5 days);
  • full services during the hunting;
  • transportation in the hunting area;
  • guiding service on the basis 1х1;
  • all the documents for the hunt (including license and permission);
  • 1 moose trophy up to 10 kg;
  • field preparation of the trophies.












Tour duration: 6 days (Moscow/Moscow), 5 full days of hunting.
Hunting area:
Udmurtia, Yaroslavskaya, Kirovskaya, Vologodskaya, Arkhangelskaya and other regions.
season: September.
hunting camps, village houses.
railway night trip or by private car to the hunting area, then to the place of hunting (depends on the region).
: 1-3 hunters, 1-3 observers.

 Additional payments: 
  • Booking fee
  • Additional hunting days
  • Additional payment for trophy more than 10 kg
  • International medical insurance
  • International Veterinary Certificate
  • CITES for trophies
  • Gun import/export permit
  • Other trophies
  • Shooting refusal or miss
Wounded and lost animal is considered to be taken.


1 day      - arrival to the hunting area, accomodation in the hunting camp, hunting in the evening.
2-5 day
   - moose rut hunting in the morning and in the evening.
6 day     
- hunting in the morning, noon meal and home-back trip.     

Hunt reservation and payment - on demand.



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